WinX DVD Author and Converting Digital Files to DVD

WinX DVD Author and Converting Digital Files to DVD

Converting Digital Download to DVD for Windows PCs/Laptops

To create a DVD from the video file you have downloaded, video authoring software is required. I personally use WinX DVD Author. It can be downloaded from:

(Please note that while all care has been taken to ensure this file is malware free, the above link is to an external site that I do not control, so caution should always be used to protect your PC by running a reputable antivirus program)

Once the software has been downloaded, install it on your PC or laptop by following the prompts and an icon will be created on your Desktop. Here are the steps for creating a DVD:

Insert a blank DVD into the DVD recorder drive and wait 30 seconds for drive to register the disc.

Double click on the WinX DVD Author icon from the desktop to open the application.


Select Video DVD Author.


Click on the + button at the bottom right which will bring up the “Open File” window. Then browse to your video, click on it to select, then press the Open button. The video will then appear in the main menu screen.


Ensure that the “16:9 For Wide Screen TV” circle is selected and be sure to UNTICK the “Create DVD Menu” check box. Then press the >> (next) button.


In the Disc Volume option box, the text DVD_DISC will appear. This can be changed to the name of the program/release you are copying (e.g. in my example image I am burning the BodyAttack92 Ed session so I have entered “BA92Ed” in the Disc Volume option box).

In the Output Folder box, a default location will appear. This will be the location your PC stores the DVD files that will be created as part of the process. This location can be changed by clicking the VOB button and selecting a new location. It is advisable to set the Output Folder to the Desktop so you can find the files to delete them once the process is complete.

Finally, Output Format should be selected based on your geographical location. Australia, New Zealand and most European countries use the PAL format. The USA and Japan uses the NTFS format. If you are not sure which format your country uses, visit

Once all options are selected, simply press the large blue Start button. The conversion and burning process will then complete.


NOTE: The WinX DVD Author software will store a copy of the VOB (DVD burn) files on your computer. Make sure that after the burn process is complete you delete the folder that is named DVD_DISC* or the name you entered into the “Disc Volume” option box as per step 6.

This process should work fairly seamlessly. If any issues are encountered, check your C drive to ensure that you have enough space on the drive (you will need approx. 2-4GB per DVD). If any other issues are encountered, please send me a message with any error messages and I will attempt to assist.