Most Commonly Asked Fitness Questions and My Responses

Most Commonly Asked Fitness Questions and My Responses

Being a group fitness instructor I am often asked for advice. The people asking are from all walks of life, but they questions are very similar. So here are my most asked questions and the answers I give:

1. How do I loose fat from around my belly?

Exercise alone will not remove fat from around your belly. There is an old saying that “abs are made in the kitchen” which is so true. It’s mostly a clean diet that will make the change. But keep in mind that it’s not possible to spot reduce fat from the body so not only will you loose fat from your belly, you will also loose it from your arms, legs, face and if you are a woman, unfortunately from your boobs too.

2. My feet/calves/knees are really hurting during this cardio class, what can I do?

I take a look at their shoes and normally they are wearing really old, worn out runners on their feet. The first thing I recommend is that they go to a reputable sports shoe fitter like the Athlete’s Foot and have some good new running shoes fitted specifically for their foot type. For knee pain, I suggest glute activation exercises such as clams, the bridge and leg extensions along with using a foam roller to release the ITB and some good hip flexor stretches. Of course I am not a physio so I also suggest that if activation exercises are not helping that they should visit a podiatrist to get the gait of their feet checked and then advise them to see a reputable physio or osteo who can check them out further.

For me personally, the glute activation exercises coupled with my custom orthotics are a life saver in sorting out foot, calf and knee pain.

3. What exercise can I do for my tummy?

It’s best to look at the core as a whole and work on it from all angles, incorporating exercises for the whole posterior chain, (back, hamstrings, butt) like the bridge and back extension exercises, the obliques, like side crunches and side hovers as well as the stomach, like crunches and sit-ups. View the work you do on your whole core as work to make yourself stronger functionally rather than just to make yourself have nice “abs”.

Again this comes back to diet rather than exercise. You can do loads of crunches and sit-ups and hold the plank for a few minutes at a time and all of these exercises will give you a nice strong core and abs, but the abs will still be hidden under a layer of fat if you are not eating right.

4. How do you always stay so motivated/energetic/happy?

This is a tough one to answer. I have always been told by everyone I meet that I am an incredibly energetic person. This energy comes naturally. I sometimes think that my blood produces amphetamines or something crazy like that because my body is literally buzzing every day. As for the happy part, well I am human and I sometimes feel sad or emotional. I guess the fact that I am like a human power station tends to outwardly mask any sadness I feel. Finally, the motivation part. I am the instructor. I am not allowed to be unmotivated. If I don’t show up to my class, the class does not go ahead. So having people relying on my to get their workout, is a huge motivation for me. I stay fit to be the best role-model I can be for my participants.

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