Les Mills CX Worx Module Training

Les Mills CX Worx Module Training

CX Worx Module of release 27 in Brisbane – August 2017

In August of 2017 I completed my initial module training for CX Worx. The training release was 27 and our trainer was James Brennan. Training was conducted at the GO Health Club in Rothwell, QLD.

I decided to train in CX as one of the gyms I worked at had recently had an instructor leave which left one particular time slot in limbo. After discussions with my GFM, I was given the class and arranged to train quickly so I could take it on asap. As the next training in Sydney was not going to be until the December, I decided to fly to Brisbane to complete the module.

Having trained in BodyVive only 11 months earlier, I had become very familiar with using the tube/band. I had also done some training in matwork Pilates only a few months prior so my knowledge and understanding of the core as a whole was fresh and this proved to be very useful in the theory behind CX. One thing I was struggling with in the lead up to CX training was my rectus abdominal and shoulder strength so I started participating in a lot of CX classes to get a feel for the kind of strength I’d need to develop and in only a few weeks I was already improving.

The weekend itself consisted of the usual things that go on at module training; intros, masterclass, learning about the program, choreo, technique, technique and more technique, scripting, getting intimate with the music and finally, 3 track presentations, 1 on the first day and 2 on the second.

The scripting component was exactly as it was in my BodyVive training, in that our trainer layered it on. So the first time we presented we just had to use layer 1 cues, the second time we had to add our layer 2 cues, and the third time we had to use all 3 layers. One thing to note is there is also a theory lesson relating to the inner workings of the core and the science behind the program. CX is the most technical of the LM programs I have trained in.

Our CX Worx challenge was simple and apparently nothing like it used to be back in the day. This challenge was completed on the second day. We each had to hold a hover for 4 minutes while our partner coached us using the 4 different layer 3 coaching motivation methods; intrinsic, extrinsic, positive and challenging. And don’t worry if you can’t hold a hover on your toes for the whole 4 minutes as you will not fail if you drop to your knees for a quick break.

On the first day we also did some CX “fitness tests” where we had to progressively challenge ourselves through different levels of sit-ups, leg extensions and then that darn hover again. It wasn’t too bad. I think the hardest and most physical part of the weekend was actually participating in the masterclass and the track presentations.

We had a great bunch of people at the module. Most of us were already Les Mills trained and we really rallied around our one newbie who was actually so awesome she may as well have been teaching for years! Each instructor brought a very different teaching style to the weekend and we all learned a lot from each other. Our trainer was a real character. Very warm and encouraging but very pedantic about our technique, which is actually just what you want when you are training in CX.

My best advice for the weekend is:

  • Know your choreo and music inside and out. Listen and listen again to your tracks until you can literally hear all of the tiny changes in the music. Watch the masterclass video several times and do the class so you can feel the changes in your body.
  • Practice the tube/band tracks so that you get used to the transitions as this is challenging. Attend as many CX Worx classes as you can in the lead up to really challenge and condition your body for the type of core strength training you will be doing in this program.
  • Attend Pilates classes to condition your core from the inside-out as CX Worx is a class to work the muscles from the outside so it will help to build a strong base from the centre of your body and will compliment your CX training.
  • Start working on holding a hover with perfect form and see if you can get to 4 minutes!
  • Practise your technique in front of the mirror before attending module as CX is a very technical program.
  • Take warm clothes because between participating you sit down to learn and it can get quite cool.
  • Take lots of food and drinks as not all of the module locations have food outlets nearby.
  • Enjoy the experience! Get to know your fellow trainees, create some comradery and just soak in everything you can because everyone will have something to teach you.

If you have any questions about my journey as a CX Worx instructor. Please feel free to Contact Me.

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