Benefits of Aqua Fitness

Benefits of Aqua Fitness


Aqua Aerobics has been around for years. Visit any gym or leisure centre that has a pool and usually there will be a timetable containing various kinds of pool based fitness classes. Aqua fitness has long been thought of as a low-intensity class only for the elderly, pregnant women or those with injuries. In actual fact, aqua fitness can be a fantastic work out for just about anyone.

Some of the major benefits of exercise in the water are:

Low Impact

There is less chance of injury when the body has something to cushion the landing, in this case the water. Also exercise in water can be performed for a longer period of time since there is less impact on joints.

Cardio Fitness

Exercise in water is proven to improve cardio endurance, blood circulation, flexibility, muscle tone and balance. A consistent routine of medium to high intensity water exercise can help the heart and lungs to become stronger and can even aid weight loss or assist in maintaining a healthy weight.


Often after surgery or major injury, physical activity becomes limited due to the gravitational force of landing causing stress to joints and muscles. This is why as a means of rehabilitation, activity in the water is often recommended. This is because water supports body weight while providing resistance for muscle conditioning.

Body Temperature Control

Water disperses body heat more effectively than air does. When in the water, the pool will continually cool the body.  The temperature of the water can make a workout in the pool more comfortable than a workout on land.

Variable Intensity

Regardless of fitness levels, water provides a fantastic workout. There are many modifications to increase or decrease the difficulty of the moves, and participants are always encouraged to work at their own pace. In shallow water classes where equipment is used, there are usually “light” and “heavy” resistance pieces and in deep water classes a buoyancy belt can be used to reduce intensity and provide support.

In November of 2015 I completed my training to become an aqua aerobics instructor. I have been teaching regular aqua classes and of all of the formats I teach, aqua is one of my favourites. The participants that attend my classes are from all walks of life with various fitness levels and physical abilities and every single one of them benefits from the exercises we do. You don’t have to be a senior citizen to get a great workout from aqua aerobics. Get in the pool and give it a go. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it!

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