Apple Devices and Compatibility Issues

Apple Devices and Compatibility Issues

In recent months (basically since physical DVD packs got phased out at LMAP) I am finding a lot of my instructor friends are coming to me with problems on their PCs. They used to be able to run an ancient software program on their super old Windows7 laptops and that program had allowed them to convert their physical DVD to a format their old iPod Classic or 2nd generation iPod Touch would read.

Now, one thing to realise about the new digital downloads is that LMAP actually provides 2 formats to download: the high quality HD version which is a larger file size, and the low quality SD version which is about half the size. If you want to burn the video to DVD or play it on your smart TV or a newer model iPad, you can use the HD version, but if you want to watch the video on an older Apple device, you must download the smaller SD version too as the HD version will not work on the older devices.


From personal experience, I recently visited an instructor friend who had a 7 year old laptop with a Celeron processor. The laptop had become slow but it still worked well. That is until iTunes was upgraded to the new version. Attempting to run the upgraded software and plug an Apple device in, the laptop literally froze. The only way to get the laptop moving again was to unplug the Apple device, press cntl+alt+del and then run the task manager to close iTunes. This old laptop has not been able to run iTunes since. In the end, to save further frustration, we went out and bought a brand new laptop. The new laptop has been able to run iTunes well and my friend now has all of her music and videos on her new iPad. It’s unfortunate that it became necessary to obtain new equipment as it was quite a large expense.

The friend in the above example is not the only friend I know who is having trouble. Most friends have been finding ways around by copying the video files to a USB to watch on their smart TV or converting the video file to a DVD using the method I outlined here: to watch the video on their DVD player. Some have even completely given up and are just not bothering to use the new choreo and are sticking to older releases. This final scenario is the one that bothers me the most. Why pay for something you can’t use?

If you are having any specific issues in relation to your digital downloads, LMAP have put together a really informative FAQ guide which can be found at: otherwise please contact me with any issues and I’ll put together a “how-to” guide for your situation.

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