Les Mills BodyVive 3.1 Initial Module Training

Les Mills BodyVive 3.1 Initial Module Training

BodyVive3.1 IMT Sydney Release 39

In September of 2016 I completed my initial module training for BodyVive3.1. The training release was 39 and our trainer was Shelley Townsend.

BodyVive3.1 is a very niche program within the Sydney group fitness market and because there is little to no work in this program (there are a total of 5 gyms in the greater Sydney area that offer the program), people wondered why I was even bothering to train in it. I decided I wanted to train in BodyVive3.1 because I had attended many classes in NZ and saw great benefit in this fully functional and fully customizable 3-in-1 (Cardio, Functional Strength, Core Stability) style of training. I wanted to be trained and certified so that I could be ready to get as many people as possible aware of the program and its benefits so that more gyms would take on a license.

Being an old skool BodyAttack instructor, I was already pretty confident in my ability to coach the cardio tracks within BodyVive3.1. I received my digital kit and track allocation 2 weeks prior to the training and had been issued track 2 which was fairly straight forward cardio track. I had to learn a new way of coaching where I was to option up rather than optioning down and I had to learn to use lots of inclusive language. At first, the idea of using the tube/band for the strength tracks was a little scary to me as I wasn’t a regular Vive or CX participant and I have always really struggled with transitions using the tube/band but by the end of the weekend, my confidence levels had soared.

The weekend consisted of the usual things that go on at module training; intros, masterclass, learning about the program, choreo, technique, scripting, getting intimate with the music and track presentations. The one thing I really liked especially about the scripting component is that our trainer layered it on. So the first time we presented we just had to use layer 1 cues, the second time we had to add our layer 2 cues, and the third time we had learned how to incorporate some layer 3.

The BodyVive3.1 challenge was awesome, it was simply a bunch of technique drills with different coaching focuses. It was the easiest of the program challenges I have ever done but one of the more beneficial as we all got to fix our technique in the mirror while we were learning about the different coaching types.

One of my favourite parts of the weekend was getting to know everyone. We had a very small and intimate module of only 6 trainees so we built a great bond that weekend and I’m happy to say I’m still in contact with every single person from the module!

My best advice for the weekend is:

  • Know your choreo and music inside and out. Listen and listen again to your tracks until you can literally hear all of the tiny changes in the music. Watch the masterclass video several times and do the class so you can feel the changes in your body.
  • Practice the tube/band tracks so that you get used to the transitions as this is challenging. Even attend some CXWorx classes if you don’t have BodyVive3.1 in your area.
  • Take warm clothes because between participating you sit down to learn and it can get quite cool.
  • Take lots of food and drinks as not all of the module locations have food outlets nearby.
  • Enjoy the experience! Get to know your fellow trainees, create some comradery and just soak in everything you can because everyone will have something to teach you.

If you have any questions about my journey as a BodyVive3.1 instructor. Please feel free to Contact Me.

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