Studio Pilates – Matwork Pilates training

Studio Pilates – Matwork Pilates training

Studio Pilates Matwork Course
Studio Pilates Matwork Course in Sydney – March 2017 @ Virgin Active

Having worked in the fitness industry for a few years now and witnessing the wear, tear and damage that can occur within the body from excessive group fitness classes, poor movement patterns and muscular imbalances, I felt that increasing my education in restorative exercise was a must. Pilates has been around for many years as a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the body from the inside – out. It focuses on developing core strength as well as internal support and stability around joints, which in turn, makes exercising safer and more effective.

Studio Pilates was recommended to me as a Pilates educator by many of my instructor colleagues. There was very little shopping around, as with so many strong and positive commendations, there was not going to be any better alternative in my book. And I can tell you certainly, I am so glad I chose this provider.

The Studio Pilates matwork course consists of online study and assessment and face-to-face learning and assessment. I signed up for the course a few months before the scheduled face-to-face component and got to work right away on learning all of the online course work information. It started with general info about Pilates and posture, breath, the basics and a bit of a reminder about anatomy and movement. There are many videos to watch which explained and demonstrated various matwork Pilates exercises. Also, there is a comprehensive manual which reenforced the information about the exercises as well as providing clear concise coaching and cueing information.

Downloadable sample class videos which run for an hour are also provided. These videos show how a matwork Pilates class should run using the Studio Pilates formula and how the transitions between exercises should occur. These have proven to be incredibly useful even after the course and I still regularly participate in these classes. It is recommended that trainees participate in these videos several times before the face-to-face course.

I was very fortunate to have 2 friends sign up to the course with me so had other people to go through the exercises and bounce ideas around with. We would get together every few weeks and put the videos up on the big screen and practise while discussing our course work.

The 3.5 day face-to-face course was run at the Virgin Active gym in Sydney and our facilitator was an amazing lady by the name of Sharyn Sue See who’s had many years of experience within the fitness industry as an instructor, master trainer and facilitator for all kinds of different fitness programs. Sharyn is incredibly knowledgable and left no question unanswered, always making herself available for everyone. She even invited us to phone her the night before our practical exam if we had any concerns. (I don’t think anyone needed to call her but it was reassuring to have that support available to us).

Our group consisted of many different types of people of all ages and all experience levels from group fitness instructors and personal trainers to Pilates participants that had no prior instructing experience. We even had a physical therapist who’s knowledge of human anatomy would put Joseph Pilates himself to shame. Just goes to show that this course is for everyone regardless of prior knowledge or experience.

The first half day consisted mainly of intro’s and covering off the basics, posture and breath. We started to perform various activation exercises and learn about how to palpate participants and what we should look and feel for. The second and third days were intense with lots of learning about how to perform, coach and palpate in each Pilates exercise.

The final day was our chance to instruct. We had been given 6 exercises the night before which we were to script coaching for and practise, and on the final day our presentation of these exercises would be our practical exam. We were split into groups of 3 and each had to teach our “class” to the group which was assessed by our trainer.

Both prior to the face-to-face component and afterwards there were online multiple choice exams to complete. The pre-course exam consisted of things within the manual plus anatomy questions. The post course elaborated on the manual info and included questions about things that were highlighted in the face-to-face course.

The one thing I wish I had have done prior to the face-to-face course is refreshed on my Cert III anatomy information. I was super rusty with the names of a some of the body parts that I haven’t had to refer to in a while. Doing the course was a great reminder that I need to keep my knowledge of anatomy up to date at all times. I have since gotten in the habit of giving myself “pop-quizzes”.

The first half of the first day before I got to the course was an anatomy course for non-instructors going into the matwork training. This additional course would have actually been useful to me even though I’m already an instructor as the refresher I needed.

What’s next? Well I’m currently expanding my Pilates repertoire by completing the Studio Pilates online foam roller course and I’ll be looking to complete the advanced matwork, equipment and reformer courses in the future.

To check out the courses Studio Pilates have to offer, visit their website:

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